The Concept is Simple:

Make the project an example of quality, but make it successful and profitable for the client.

Civil engineering has existed since the beginning of time and is part of every aspect of our lives. Roads, bridges, water systems, buildings, dams and sanitation… The list is endless. Mathematical engineering analysis was the backbone of the Egyptian and Roman Empires. In fact many structures they built are still in use today. Aside from knowing the physics, mathematics and textbook formulas a good engineer must know how to be innovative and creative to find new methods and develop new concepts for solving the design problems we face.

Additionally Harris Engineering is adept at working in concert with and for the protection of our environment. We are cognizant that the world must be protected and respected as we use it’s natural resources.

  • Municipal, Civil/Site Design

  • Enviromental & Stormwater Management

  • Land Development and Planning

  • Water System and Wastewater Design

  • Flood Studies and Analysis
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