Attentive and Responsive
“We listen to our clients and respond to their needs.”

     Mr. Harris has operated his business since it’s beginning in 1981. His vast experience in the civil consulting industry is the key to getting projects planned, designed, permitted and constructed as expediently and as fluidly as possible. In addition, Mr. Harris’ “common sense” philosophy approach is instrumental in making his projects economically superior.

  • Master Plans, Site Planning and Zoning
  • Residential Land Development
  • Environmental and BMP Division:
    • Storm Water Best Management Practices for Environmental Protection
    • Certified by NCSU Bio-AG and City of Durham for BMP Inspections
    • BMP Inspections & Certifications
    • Stream and Wetland Remediation’s
    • Sediment & Erosion Control
    • Flood Studies; Delineations and Revision

  • Municipal Infrastructure:
    • Water Treatment Facilities
    • Community water and well systems
    • Multi-million gallon Surface Water Facilities
    • Reservoir Draft Storage Studies
    • Water Distribution Systems
    • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
      • Conventional and Innovative Systems
    • Gravity Sanitary Sewer Systems and Pump Systems
    • Roadway Design
      • Residential Community Roads
      • Multi-Lane NCDOT Highways
    • Bridges
    • Storm Water Systems
    • Phase I and II Dam and Outlet Control Structure Analysis
    • Conservation and Landscape Design

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Construction Administration & Management

  •     Good at what we do ...

             Proud of what we have done ...

                  Eager for the future challenges of our industry.

    John W. Harris, P.E. Consulting Engineer, Inc.
    5112 Bur Oak Circle - Raleigh, NC 27612
    Office: 919.789.0744 | Fax: 919.789.0784
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